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I'm Árpád Goretity (a. k. a. H2CO3), a Hungarian student, Apple enthusiast and hobbyist iOS/Linux developer. I like using and writing free software. Here, on my website, you can find everything I'd like to be public about me. Please feel free to share the address of this website with your friends, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other media/social network. It really helps me and I appreciate it.

You can view my profile on The ModMyi Cydia Developer Directory

I also suggest you to have look at my Stack Overflow Careers profile

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Explore my site by choosing one of the menus above. I hope that you'll find interesting things, articles, links, resources and free software here.

If you appreciate my hard work, which I hope, I kindly ask you to visit the "Support Me" page. I need some actual income to buy new testing devices supported by Apple. I'd be glad if you donated!

Thank you very much for visiting my site! Happy browsing! :-)